Start of continuous measurements and joined campaign 2018

The second measurement campaign within the MuDak-WRM project took place from 16th of February 2018 until 7th of March 2018 in Passauna Reservoir. A mixed group of German and Brazilian researchers and stakeholders participated in the activities. Leading to a large number of up to 40 persons being active during the campaign.

The overall goals were the implementation of continuous water quality measurements combined with a detailed examination of the actual status of the reservoir. With the installation of a sensor platform (WP6) in the reservoir and a large volume sampler (WP1) at the Passauna River two keystones of the project were successfully realized.

A wide range of state-of-the-art techniques, including ADCP transects for particle distribution assessment, sediment shear stress measurements with a penetrometer and drone-based hyperspectral water quality assessment, were conducted. Furthermore, in-situ water quality measurements took a central part in the activities.

Focusing on exchange and interactive development of the project, educational sessions were organized. Aiming on the transfer of knowledge between university and industry partners but also keeping the PhDs close to each other, talks, technical teachings and discussions took place.

The whole campaign was characterized by a deep spirit of cooperation and teamwork. There was an extensive exchange of data and experiences between all participating PhD students, senior scientists as well as the industry and authority partners engaged in the project.

The German team is again highly thankful to the great support and motivation of the SANEPAR, UFPR and UP team!