Autumn Meeting of MuDak-WRM in Karlsruhe, October 2019

The autumn meeting of the MuDak-WRM project t took place on the 24th and 25thof October 2019 at the Department of Aquatic Environmental Engineering at KIT in Karlsruhe. Participants from all working packages participated in the meeting and presented the actual status of their works. We were pleased, that Prof. Tobias Bleninger from the UFPR in Curitiba was able to participate in person. Additionally, the meeting was live-streamed to our partners in Curitiba, enabling an international and interactive workshop. All together more than 30 participants attended the meeting in this way.

The Mudak project, now turns into the home stretch and everybody is working hard to put the many single results into one large picture. The MuDak team also aims on the conversion of scientific findings into directly useable products, by turning “research into use”.

All important research finding will be presented in form of condensed two page flyers and therefore will be made available to a wide audience.

The MuDak team is already looking forward to the final workshop in Curitiba in the firat week of March 2020.