Joining forces for an extra campaign

To better understand the processes in the reservoir and in the catchment of the Passauna
River during the Brazilian winter, we conducted an additional measurement campaign in
August 2018. A mixed group of German and Brazilian researchers and employees from the
operator Sanepar participated in the activities.
On the reservoir, sensor transects along the main longitudinal axis as well as within the side
arms and point measurements with depth profiles were performed - including ADCP, LISST-
100x (particle size distribution) and FluoroProbe (Chlorophyll) measurements. These
measurements are supported by the 25 water samples.
The TriOS sensors on the Passauna platform were serviced. The on-site controller-software
was updated and damaged or broken parts of the system and mountings have been
repaired. Furthermore, lost parts of deployed equipment were successfully searched with the
help of divers.
To obtain better information about the behavior of different soil types during heavy rain
events, the MuDak-catchment group performed artificial rain events on 2 locations.
Additionally, small tributary rivers were investigated for sediment composition and influence
of sewage discharge.
The entire MuDak team is happy, that we were able to close an important data gap during
the Brazilian winter and that the continuous measurements, which started in Feb. 2018, are
going well.