HYDRON GmbH, Karlsruhe

HYDRON GmbH is an engineering company mainly engaged in the fields of environmental and water management.They provide consulting anf further services in the field of hydrology, focusing on hydrological modeling (mainly withLARSIM). The model-based hydrological investigations are used for operational prediction, climate impactassessments as well as management and planning tools. The 15 employees with academic degrees in geosciences,environmental sciences, engineering (hydrology, civil engineering, geomatics, geoecology, geography,…) haveextensive international experience in the areas mentioned. The previous experience in collaboration with the KIT withregard to material flow modeling is of great benefit for the work envisaged.

Key activities within the project:

  • Water Balance Modeling


  Head of Department
Ingo Haag-Wanka Dr.-Ing.
76131 Karlsruhe
Phone: +49 721 8601810
Fax: +49 721 86018129
Email: Ingo Haag does-not-exist.hydron-gmbh de

Research Assistant
Julia Krumm, M.Sc.
Tel. (0721) 860 181 16
Email: julia krumm does-not-exist.hydron-gmbh de