MuDak-WRM Closing Meeting 2020

The official closing meeting of the MuDak-WRM project took place on the 3rd  of March 2020 within the research facilities of SANEAPR at Tarumá area in Curitiba, Brazil. Participants from all working areas participated in the meeting and presented the status of their works close to the end of the project. The MuDak-team was excited to see a great interest in the results of the project. Almost 90 persons participated in the workshop. We are delighted to notice the high value of the project within the perception of the participating organizations and beyond; it was reflected by the presence of Ricardo Fonseca the president of the UFPR as well as Julio Gonchorosky, head of the environmental and social action department (Sanepar) and Mario Zigovski, leading manager of the president of Sanepar. To widen the perspective beyond the project areas of MuDak, Prof. José Rodolfo Scarati from the University of Sao Paulo gave a keynote presentation about hydraulic research activities at USP. We thank Sanepar for providing and covering the costs of simultaneous translation for the workshop participants, which increased the overall comprehension of the interdisciplinary scientific content. We also thank Sanepar once more for hosting this event at their facilities and Prof. Tobias Bleninger (UFPR) and his team for organization and support.

Actual scientific results will be available in the form of short product flyers for download (

The UFPR television team followed the workshop and created a movie summary, available in Portuguese here:

The MuDak-WRM team now focusses on the finalization of publications and the synthesis of the key findings during the last six months of the research project.