Midterm Meeting of MuDak-WRM in Curitiba, January 2019

The Midterm meeting of the MuDak-WRM project t took place from 29th of January 2019 until the 31st within the research facilities of SANEAPR at Tarumá area in Curitiba. A large group of around 70 participants attended the meeting. All project partners were present as well as several employees of SANEPAR and further Brazilian institutions. It was great to see that a large number of Bachelor, Master and PhD Students participated actively and gave presentations to their project-related work.

In order to optimize the dissemination of the created knowledge and results a publication workshop was organized.

The workshop marks the end point of the intense continuous measurement phase at Passauna reservoir and the start of the data processing and model adaptation phase in 2019/2020.

The entire MuDak-WRM thanks SANEAPR for hosting the meeting at Tarumá.